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Dear AI Business Leaders: You’re Under Pressure, We Can Help

How to be unstoppable bringing next-generation AI products to life in one of the most challenging markets ever.

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The Human Spark at the AI Frontier

Humans working in tandem with AI isn’t a failure of the promise of automation. Humans working in tandem with AI is what accelerates automation.

SparkAI Speaks at NYC Summit

New York City’s tech and venture ecosystem is reaching new heights. Amid this growth, the Primary NYC Summit – hosted by Primary...

The Robot Report Hosts SparkAI

SparkAI CEO Michael Kohen sat down with hosts of The Robot Report Podcast, Steve Crowe and Mike Oitzman, to discuss the edge case...

What is Remote Piloting?

In the context of solving robotic AI “edge cases” (or simply: unexpected situations), humans located remotely can be used to...

Why Do AI Projects Fail?

Billions of dollars are poured into AI every year, yet most projects never make it out of the lab. With little to show for such a substantial investment, everyone is rightfully asking: What’s holding AI back?

AI/ML/CV Glossary

Building great AI can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean that talking about it should be. That’s why we created this glossary of...