Unlimited Use Cases

SparkAI is unlocking launch & scale for the next generation of automation applications. We bridge the commercialization gap for any AI use case where uptime, accuracy, or safety matter.

Precision Agriculture

Mobile robots are revolutionizing productivity on the farm. SparkAI supports safety critical functions like obstacle detection & avoidance, as well as enable new applications of computer vision in crop health monitoring and plant pest & disease detection.

Robotic Fulfillment

From picking to sorting, SparkAI can enable fulfillment and logistics automation. SparkAI helps classify items, locate difficult-to-find barcodes, specify grab points, and resolve other challenges to maintain high throughput.

Claims & Underwriting

SparkAI helps provide a clear and comprehensive view of safety, risks, hazards, and damages. We process images and videos to identify, categorize, and contextualize property features.

Aerial Intelligence

Aerial and geospatial data from drones and satellites are enabling new analytics products for risk assessment and structural inspection. SparkAI's edge case resolution helps make sense of difficult-to-classify objects and features.

Manufacturing Inspection

Computer vision is redefining quality control inspection on the production line. SparkAI helps resolve false-positive detections and improve throughput.

Automated Checkout

Products added to a basket can be difficult to scan or may not match physical profiles on record. SparkAI can match outliers against a ground truth library and resolve conflicts.

Drone Delivery

Drones navigate the open skies with ease. But final drop-off brings challenges like complex landing environments or unmapped terrain. SparkAI provides context to help pick the perfect landing site and monitor missions through success.

Retail Robotics

Retail inventory management is undergoing a revolutionary change with free-roving shelf scanners. SparkAI helps to resolve product scan conflicts, difficult to read labels, and navigation issues.

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