SparkAI Speaks at NYC Summit

Over 2,000 top VCs and founders gathered in NYC – and listened to SparkAI CEO Michael Kohen.

12-01-22 NYC Summit - no player

New York City’s tech and venture ecosystem is reaching new heights. Amid this growth, the Primary NYC Summit – hosted by Primary Venture Partners and Inspired Capital – gathers the whole community together. This year, over 2,000 leading VCs and founders came to the celebration – and learned about AI edge cases along the way. 

SparkAI CEO Michael Kohen was on the speaker stage, presenting on the critical gap that has prevented AI from delivering on its promises.

Check it out here: 

Michael pointed out how, despite $94 billion in corporate AI project investment last year, only 14.7% of those projects will ever yield any value. AI in demonstration might be powerful, but in the real-world with high-stakes use cases, it still falls flat. 

Why is this?

“AI is missing the ability to reason through the unexpected. The solution is not about having more data or more machine learning engineers.”

The key question, Michael rightly asked, is: 

“How can we get AI products to market en masse not in decades, but right now?”

Watch the video to learn how to unlock AI’s fullest potential.

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