Resolve AI Edge Cases in Real-time

SparkAI combines people and technology to resolve AI edge cases, false positives, and other exceptions encountered live in production, so you can launch & scale automation products faster than ever.

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Built to solve the challenges we encountered on the path to launch & scale at:

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Driving a Competitive Edge

SparkAI makes it easy and radically cost-effective to inject augmented human cognition anywhere in a production AI workflow, instantly eliminating barriers to progress.


Commercialize Sooner

Launch new products with imperfect AI

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Innovate for Less

Bootstrap new models for evaluation


Deliver More Client Value

Enhance performance of existing products


Run with Confidence

Audit & QA model outputs in real-time

We Drive Outcomes

A Complete Solution

You define the scenarios, we do everything else to operationalize and support your use case.

Invisible Operations

Hiring, training, and managing a human workforce is exhausting. We handle it all, leaving you with zero operational exposure.

Infinite Scale

Seamlessly ramp up or down with the dynamics or seasonality of your business. Only pay for what you need.

Exceptional Results

Inputs from trained mission specialists and on-the-fly statistical quality checks deliver high-integrity results for the critical path.

Really Real-Time

Real-time QA systems, a real-time intelligent dispatch engine, real-time performance management, and ML-powered rapid decision tools, enable unmatched response time guarantees.

All in one line of code

Best of all, SparkAI deploys instantly via REST API. Or use our simple Python SDK.

resolve_with_sparkai( data , program )
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One Home for Managing Edge Cases

Stop training in the lab. Deploy your product to customers sooner, with SparkAI protecting against your edge cases. Derive deeper real-world insights on where your model is struggling, and better inform how to deploy your resources to address them. All while your product is live, generating revenue.

Live AI Edge Case Exceptions List

Our Mission

Revolutionary automation products shouldn’t have to wait for the next AI breakthrough. Our mission is to accelerate their proliferation everywhere, by advancing companies faster along the path to commercialization. Our business is built on your success getting to market and growing there. We’re here to help you realize your vision of the future, and ignite an imagination for what more you can do today.

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